By Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali

New research has proved that downing a cup of Chocolate Milk after that crazy workout will help replenish your sore muscles and boost post-workout recovery to a significant level. Several recently compiled studies found on google scholar have found a significant impact of chocolate Milk on Post Workout Recovery. Researchers have looked at the role of Chocolate Milk in minimizing the damaging effects of an exhaustive workout (Morato, et al., 2015). Its effectiveness in improving heart rate, and role in decreasing muscle soreness after a high intensity workout (Potter and Fuller, 2015) and found that athletes were able to retain twice the amount of fluids through the ingestion of chocolate milk as compared to any other sports drink, which makes it incredibly hydrating (Papacosta, Nassis, and Gleeson, 2015).

A recent health study concluded that the ingestion of chocolate Milk increased the time to exhaustion and decreased Muscle Soreness, which promoted a rapid return to training, and increased performance in participants of a tennis game (Wadey, Perkins, and Potter, 2018). Similarly, another health study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition performed a systematic review of twelve studies. The subgroup analysis revealed that time to exhaustion was increased through the ingestion of Chocolate Milk. Furthermore, a significant attenuation of serum lactate was noted when athletes were ingested with the Chocolate Milk post workout (Amiri, et al., 2018). This indicates that chocolate milk boosts muscle recovery, and regulates the serum lactate levels in your body, which prevents muscle soreness, and pain. Moreover, CM fuels your appetite and enables you to ingest more fluid, which helps replace water lost as sweat from your body.

So ditch all those sports drinks and stick to the basic ingredients. Add a half Teaspoon of CoCoa to a glass of Milk, and you may add sugar if you want the drink to be a little sweeter. Besides what you use to refuel your muscles, when to refuel is another important question. I recommend drinking or eating something within the first 30 minutes after your workout because at this point your muscles are completely worn-out, and they are in desperate need to suck something up. Milk is something everybody has in their refrigerator, you just need to add chocolate. It’s easy, cheap and highly effective.



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